An Unexpected Diversion

I received a text message from my son which led to an unexpected diversion in my writing. He wrote:

I have a project for you. I’m making a poetry anthology in English class and I’m supposed to include 4 poems from other people, whether it be from online or from someone I know. I was wondering you and your great grasp of the English language could right a poem for me. The theme is cities if you’re interested.


Image “smile” by K.L.

Now I first had to put aside any desire to correct my son’s grammar and spelling (it being a text message, I made an allowance). Then I had to chuckle at the thought that his assignment meant a “project for [me]”. Smiling, I took about ten seconds or so and, using my “great grasp of the English language”, I concocted this little gem:

They scurry here,
They scurry there,
They scurry, scurry
They go up high,
They go down low,
There is no telling
Where else they go.
The sky above them,
It is so dense;
To live in smog
Just makes no sense.
And with no earth
Beneath their feet,
They look so lost
So incomplete.
For those lost ones
We must take pity.
It’s not their fault
They’re in the City.
Not a literary classic by any means, but it’s silliness brings a smile to my face.

One thought on “An Unexpected Diversion

  1. Feeling Glad to read post it’s amazing happiness moments and attachments your son with you. God bless you and your son. Beautiful poem that you write hopefully he will enjoy and like it. Amazing full of love words your son for Dad that I have project for you and write a poem for me and here son do appreciate father that’s you have grip on English. Best of luck Dear always keep writing


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