Who Am I?

My family emigrated from Scotland to Canada in the early 1970’s. Although I’m proud of my Scottish heritage, I applied for Canadian citizenship at the first opportunity. I am Canadian. I’m also short, overweight and cheeky. I’m a voracious reader, have an eclectic music collection and a love of writing (although I’m not that great at it).

I struggle with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Over the past forty years, I’ve experienced many episodes of MDD. Each episode was both darker and longer than its predecessor. The most recent, and most severe, episode culminated in a suicide attempt in September 2014. My survival was unexpected.

Much has changed in me since then. I’ve learned that it’s important to share, to speak out, about the danger of MDD. I’ve learned that I’m not alone in my suffering or in my survival. I’ve learned to hope.

This blog and its sister blog, The 3 of ME, together depict my journey of discovery and recovery. They are my expression of hope, my declaration of love and my celebration of a life reclaimed. They are my letter my son, my apology and my promise.